Whitenicious By Dencia Africa

Hair Growth Serum


Whitenicious By Dencia Africa Hair Regrowth Invigorating Serum with  human stemCell extract

For all hair types

Women  / Men /  Children

Hair, Beards  &  More.    

Results in under 30 days








Hair Regrowth Stimulating Scalp Spot Treatment targets hair loss and scalp follicle regeneration for both men and women. This innovative formula contains MHCsc™️ technology with proteins, peptides and growth factors with a known signaling effect on keratinocytes. This easy-to-use targeted solution for bald spots and receding hair line, also contains Capixyl™️, Redensyl®️ and Baicapil™️, some of the world’s most remarkable anti-hair loss ingredients. This combination of clinically tested ingredients helps to nourish and condition the scalp, coax hair follicles out of the dormant phase, reduce inflammation and helps block DHT to reduce hormone related hair loss.



Apply two to three pumps of treatment gel to damp or dry scalp, or eyebrows. Massage into skin/scalp in circular motions, concentrating product on bald spots. Allow to dry then, follow with your normal styling routine. For best results, use twice daily following hairlicious ®️ Hair & Scalp Revitalizing Spray for fastest and best results. Can be used on unwashed hair, braided hair etc


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